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Giant 24 inch rat caught at Dublin home by Total Pest Control

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Spring has sprung… and so have the size of the rats these days!

As reported on the news and radio and in the papers on Friday 4th April, Total Pest Control owner Marcus Giusti on a regular house call-out discovered that the rat in this attic was as big as a cat at 24 inches from nose to tail tip.

When interviewed he said, “This is one of the biggest rats I’ve seen in my line of work, and a very dangerous animal to be in a house. Lately we have been shocked at the size of rats and believe that the growing trend in the number of rats and their size could be down to household waste being dumped around estates and the climate warming.”

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Needless to say none of us want to see a rising trend in giant rats and certainly not in our homes.


  1. Keep your domestic bins tidy and sealed.
  2. Report illegal dumping and/or keep communal areas rubbish free.
  3. If you hear rustling or scurrying in your walls or attics don’t delay in taking action.
  4. If you see signs of rodent activity and think your drains are being used as perfect nesting areas – CALL US for advice and get a quote!


If you missed the Newstalk interview check it out:




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